It's createBar

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It's createBar

This is the first official posting of createBar: ‘hello world’! And so a new journey is about to start.

createBar starts as a blog offering trying to observe current trends in the digital creators space and comment on the in-between of tech and arts. One topic in this area will be the NFT space. But this again is a good example of where tech and arts meet and something new evolves. These changes (not trends) in the creative community are one area of attention in the createBar content agenda.

The word ‘createBar’ is a mashup of the verb ‘create‘ and the german syllable ‘-bar‘. This suffix could be compared with the english ‘-able’. So, the bar in our context is not a place for a beer. But it’s meant as a reference to the creators attitude of trying to make things possible or the inventor’s will of exploration. Creators of the past and of today are driven by curiosity, the joy in experimentation and the belief that things can be changed. Creation in our sense is nothing less than one of the drivers of mankind.

The content of createBar will be created on the basis of the creators mindset. Hopefully, createBar will be capable of providing value to artists, builders, explorers and interested readers. Your feedback is welcome!

So, let’s start this experiment 🙂